I never wanted my life to end up like this. I was born into a rich family, I had a loving mother and father. I was a good girl and I never fought with my brother or sister. I can’t think of any reason why I would deserve my new life.


Mother and father were just so angry with me. They were very old school and insisted that I marry someone that they had picked out for me. I hated him more than anything, but because of them, I had to be with him.

I spent four years with Zack. He was the kind of guy who always put his work first. I’d lost count of how many times he had cancelled dates when we were in high school so he could study or do homework that wasn’t due for weeks. I don’t even know why I ever said yes to marrying him in the first place.

I couldn’t handle being with him anymore. So at the end of my first year in University, I called him and told him I was done and I’d return the ring the next time I came home. My parents found out quickly that I had broken off the engagement and were furious. they immediately told me I had made a huge mistake. I was given an ultimatum, I either marry Zack or lose all of the money they had left me.


Of course, I couldn’t live with myself being in a miserable, loveless marriage, so I thought I could live on my own, make a name for myself without being associated with my parents.

I managed to get through my second year of university before I went broke. I had been doing odd jobs around campus, hoping to save enough money for my third year, but I was never able to work enough.


I dropped out of university with no where to go, no money, and absolutely no idea what I was doing with my life.


I finally found a good job in Sunset Valley, one that paid well and included free housing as a live-in maid and nanny for the Goth family. I thought it would be fine if I got the job, but I never realized just how hard the job would be.


I had never hear of the Goth family before, but everyone else in the world had. They were well off but had a shady past, including many mysterious deaths, disappearances, and a tragic fire, all of which happened within the last forty years.

The Goths may be Shady. but they were rich, so against my better judgment, I applied for the job


I just had to hope that I would finally get to live my life in Sunset Valley.